Felix Rentzsch


Born in 1986, school and alternative civilian service in Düsseldorf. Studying politics, economics, sociology and German studies in Bochum and Antwerp. Already as a teenager many years of working for the Westdeutsche Zeitung. Travelling through South America with the Heinz-Kühn-Stiftung. Meanwhile at the newsdesk of the Neue Ruhr Zeitung, at the NRZ city desk in Essen, the travel division of the WAZ Media Group and wherever exciting stories are waiting. Publications in numerous other media:


- Center TV

- Financial Times Deutschland

- Hamburger Abendblatt

- Rheinische Post

- Ruhr Nachrichten

- Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

- Westfalenpost

- Westfälische Rundschau

Alternative civilian service

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Learning to photograph means learning to see.

Andreas Feininger